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Arthur Novak, Entrepreneur From  Ukraine

July 2015

My experience in Morocco was incredible! Maybe sometimes I didn’t feel myself totally comfortable because of culture differences, but thanks to CVW team I adapted quite fast, these guys made a huge work for all of us.

I would like to recommend this program for people, who are looking for adventures and do not afraid of difficulties, coz, you know, it’s not really easy to teach kids.

Be prepared for everything, because you never know what will happen next with you.
I enjoyed Morocco a lot and will keep the memories about this program forever.
Pavla Hulecová, Executive Assistant From Czech Rep
July 2015
Casa Voluntary Work Morocco gives you the opportunity to experience the real Morocco and to emerge yourself in the local culture. The stuff is very helpful and tries to accommodate the needs of every volunteer. The program also requires you to be flexible and to reassess your values and priorities.
I taught English to elementary school-age students and upper high school-age students + adults. Both students and teachers benefit from the classes. The students were very grateful, positive and interested to learn and very interested to tell you all about their country and culture. It is convenient to bring learning material - as much as you can - since you will probably face different language levels in every student’s group.
I stayed in a great hosting family that took care about everything.
I had the chance to meet local people, travel across Morocco and eat the delicious local food.
Silvia López Martínez, Student From Spain
July 2015
I went to Casablanca this summer (July 2015) to teach English. I taught English to students aged between 7 and 20, more or less, with other volunteers.

There were some difficulties some days, especially at the beginning, but it was worth it.
Thanks to this program I could be in contact with Moroccan people, who are very kind and who treat you like family, and to learn a lot of Moroccan culture.

It was a great experience that let me visit the country in a different way and from which I learned a lot.

Gérald El Kouatli, Student From France

July 2012

Hi everyone, I was a member of one of the workcamp in Casablanca (July 2012). The workcamp gave me the opportunity to teach 

French language to moroccan children. These children were aged between 8 to 18, so I had to adapt my teaching to the different levels.

 It was my third workcamp in Morocco and this experience, like the others, was really rewarding. 3 years later, 

I’m convinced that workcamps are interesting experiences to consider the different steps of life. Moreover, a workcamp in Morocco is always 

something unusual. The encounter with a new culture can easily explain it. 

Traveling to Morocco will give you the possibility to meet the Moroccan people who are so nice, so welcoming, so friendly.

Anastasia Dotsenko,Data acquisition assistant From Ukraine
July 2015

I was lucky enough to take part in Casa Voluntary Work in July 2015. And I can say without any doubts that it was a life changing experience. 

I was teaching English to the group of teenagers with pretty good Intermediate level. And I cannot describe how lovely these children are! Attentive, respectful, active and with a big willingness to learn! 

I would recommend to all future volunteers to be prepared with hardcopy materials, as these children are ready to study very hard! 

This is the first thing that has amazed me. 

The second one is how organizers were treating us: kind, caring and interesting people! They made us feel at home away from home! My hosting family was an incredible example of Arabic family, and made me feel a part of it. I can say freely that I 

experienced Morocco very deeply and fell in love with the country. 

I strongly recommend this program to everybody. Get out from your comfort zone and experience Morocco! 

Casa Voluntary Work is definitely the best way to travel! :) 

Elna Roca, Student From Spain
July 2015
I worked with Casa Voluntary Work last summer (2015) for two weeks and I can say it was a great experience. I was teaching English to groups of all levels and ages with other two girls and, although we didn't know much about teaching English because we had never did it before, I think we managed to make some improvement in our students, which is really satsfactory. 

People there are very friendly and welcoming and we never felt alone. However, I found some difficulties because the way of organizing things there is very different from the way that things are organized in Europe and it would have been good to express more clearly the work and life conditions from the beginning. 

Doing a volunteer program is a very special way to know a country from inside and to learn about their culture. It's a trip I'll never forget.

Alicia Izquierdo Ribas, Student From Spain
July 2015

I went there in July  2015 and was a great 

experience with some high and low but now I just have good memories. 

people are great very kind they will help you in everything.

I was Teaching English to a teenager Group with some other Volunteer, we were Working four hours A day, and four times a week,

I loved working at Casa Voluntary Work Morocco and all the Student were lovely! It was nice just to spend time with them talking and playing . Really enjoyed it all!

The friends I made on there will surely last me a life time, and the experience has truly changed my life for the better.

Maryna, University Teacher from Kiev

Memories 2015

One of the most challenging and exciting experiences from 2015 was volunteering in Morocco where I gave French classes to local people. I discovered that Morocco is...
- a society based on personal relationship rather than public rules or norms.
- when a Muslim passerby can give up his way to look for a church with you.
- the most enthusiastic students I had ever had. Children, teenagers and adults coming to class every day, willing to learn with over 30 degrees and during Ramadan (that means without eating and drinking the whole day!) and still participating actively and asking questions to know more!
- hospitable families and very delicious traditional cuisine.
- plunging into the world where everything works differently; impossible to foresee what happens next.
- local people ready to accompany you to any place at any time. Even without drinking during the whole day with over 40 degrees.
- beautiful nature.
- a real intercultural and interreligious encounter.

Special thanks to the host organization Casa Voluntary Work Morocco.

And to the best volunteer team. It was great to work with you! Melany AbadeElna Roca Silvia López Martínez Alicia Izquierdo Ribas

     Zoe Peco, English Teacher From Spain